Here are some links I’ve found useful:

Travelling Two

Amazing reference for wannabe cycle tourists. Of particular note is their TravellingTwo “radio show”- a podcast that they did from the road whilst travelling round the world for 3 years! Also, they’ve got a really good e-book if you’re into over-researching stuff like I am!

Going Slowly

Another great blog about a couple of a worldwide adventure. Awesome photos, lots of content pretty much daily. They provide a great level of detail for people planning a trip, especially if you dig into their ‘behind-the-scenes’ database, you can look at the expenses of their trip to help with your own budgeting!


A site about a trip by a couple of ex-members (Jared and Katie) of my old tramping club (OUTC) who rode from Korea to Ireland. It was this trip, and knowing people who actually did a trip like this that made me really realise how do-able a trip like this really is if you set your mind to it!

Nomadic Matt

Good all-round travel site for making you want to go places, and useful resources on setting up and monetising blogs.

For The Places we Go

Another couple of friends (two Anna’s) who travelled from Tierra Del Fuego to (hopefully) LA.


How could I have a links page without CrazyGuyOnABike? And of course there’s my journal on there from a 3 week trip down NZ’s West Coast from Picton to Invercargill on SH6, which is here.


Route Planning:


Lonvia Cycle Map (great coverage of cycle routes)