Welcome to DC on a Bike!

This page is to document my adventures as I (Kiwi guy DC) cycle the world for a couple of years.

The plan kicked off in March 2012, and began by spending the northern summer cycling Europe. This took 6 months, taking in Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Holland, Belgium, France and the UK. In early September 2012 I flew to Japan for a few weeks riding, before heading into China by ferry in early September.

I’m now making my way through China and SE Asia for a few months- probably finishing in Bangkok around April 2013. From there I’ll fly to Melbourne and take a container ship back to New Zealand!

My bikes name is Indie, short for Indefatigable. I’m hoping that I can be somewhat indefatigable in my approach to this trip! It’s also the name of Horatio Hornblower‘s ship, and Indie was the name of a very awesome Alaskan Malamute dog I once met in Nelson.

All up it should be around a whole heap of riding, and a ridiculous amount of interesting experiences! So follow me as I see the world, follow me on Twitter, or Facebook and keep checking the blog.

With my bike (Indie) in Invercargill

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Siem Reap – Bangkok

April 15th, 2013 by DC

The last section of riding on the trip took me from Siem Reap in Cambodia across the border to Bangkok, Thailand. It was a really emotional few days, but we’ll get to that later..


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Complete maps of my route

February 19th, 2013 by DC

I’m now in Bangkok- I’ll do a post about the ride from Siem Reap in the next few days. In the meantime, here’s some maps of my route! Its largely the same as my Actual Route page, just as a post!


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