What I listen to while I ride

July 27th, 2012 by DC

As I ride I listen to podcasts in one ear. It helps me to stay in touch with the world and give me a bit of entertainment.
I thought I’d give a list of the ones I listen to, in order of priority I tend to listen to them in, then a random order!

  • BBC World Service- Global News. Twice daily podcast with the best news and stories from the BBC World Service.
  • The Bugle. Satirical news podcast with John Oliver (from the Daily Show) and Andy Zaltzman. Requires a specific sense of humour.
  • Hamish and Andy. Australian comedy duo.
  • Radiolab. Great American public radio science podcast.
  • This American Life. Famous American podcast with interesting stories.
  • The Friday Situation. NZ Comedy podcast with Dai Henwood, Steve Wrigley and Justine Smith. Can be pretty vulgour and weird.
  • Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4. More satirical comedy.
  • NZ Tech Podcast. As the name explains- Tech news from a NZ point of view.
  • Click. Tech podcast from the BBC radio show.
  • BBC History Extra Podcast. Companion to the History Extra magazine (which I don’t need to read after listening to this!)
  • BBC World Service Documentaries. Range of Documentaries from the BBC World Service.
  • Radio NZ Our Changing World.  Really good New Zealand science radio show talking to scientists around the country.
  • Radio NZ Sunday Morning. A range of often pretty serious topics from NZ. Includes Mediawatch
  • Radio NZ This Way Up. A show looking at the things we consume and use.
  • The Science Show. Australian ABC science show.
  • Sunday Night Safran. Australian John Safran talking with people about religion, politics and ethnicity.
  • Tech Weekly. Tech podcast from the Guardian newspaper.
  • This Week in Photo. Just makes me want to buy a new camera!
  • A Very Spatial Podcast. Keeping me up to date with what’s happening in the spatial industry.
  • Morning Rumble’s Best Of. Wrap up of the breakfast show I used to listen to on The Rock radio station in NZ.
  • From our Own Correspondent. BBC correspondents giving their take on what they’re reporting.
  • Cycling 360. Cycling podcast that largely focuses on road riding, but has some interesting bits and pieces.
  • Dr John on the Rock. From a radio station in NZ where a doctor answers questions texted in. Quite humorous.
  • Freakonomics Radio. Podcast from the Freakonomics books- really interesting.

There are also a couple that I might get into if I end up getting through those- Startalk with Neil Degrasse Tyson, The Skeptics Guide to the Universe and a new sports one called BSWRU (Big Sports Weekend Round Up).

Finally, I’d really recommend the back catalogue of the TravellingTwo podcast that they (somehow/amazingly) produced as they were doing their trip! You can find it here.

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