Summary Post: Germany (Northern)

June 1st, 2012 by DC

OK, I’m out of Germany now and into the Netherlands, so here’s a summary about the super-flat riding that is northern Germany!

Germany was a bit of a shock to the system after the cheapness of the Czech Republic. After I’d reduced my daily beer quota I coped though!

The riding was really flat, and so I tended to ride quite long days- so that it meant I had longer off the bike in Berlin (and now in Groningen).

The vast majority of the riding was on cycle paths- following rivers and then the North Sea.

  • Days in country: 11
  • Days riding: 8
  • Kilometres ridden: 850 km (longest day 147km)
  • Running total (nearest 10km): 3850km
  • Accom cost: ~135 Euro (Due to quite a few nights in hostels in Berlin)
  • Other costs: ~275 Euro (Ahh, this is quite high. Big expenses were 60 euro for the train ticket and 50 to get my rear wheel fixed. And Berlin’s just an expensive city.)
  • Other cyclists passed: Thousands! Especially on the Elbe route south of Dresden and on the North Sea Cycle route- soooo many cyclists here.
  • Flats: None!!
  • Spokes replaced on my rear wheel: Half of them!
  • Trains taken: One to get from Berlin to Hanover (would’ve been >300km of boring riding)
  • Favourite food/drink: Bratwurst! Followed closely by Currywurst!
  • 6 nights in a campground,  5 nights in hostels and 0 nights with Warmshowers hosts.
  • Favourite photo: Berliner Dom in HDR. I really enjoyed my time in Berlin- such an interesting city!

Berlin Cathedral HDR

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